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Welcome to dronefair.com. This blog lives and breathes drones and can’t wait to tell you all about them. It covers everything, from choosing the right UAV for your application to the latest trends in drone technology.

Topics Covered By The Blog

How Drones have impacted society: It’s no secret that UAVs have changed some industries forever. For example, farmers don’t have to endure long walks and rides around the farm. It is now possible to view, diagnose, and act from the comfort of your office. Check out the full blog for more insight on this exciting topic.

Impact of drones on gaming: Let’s face it, nobody ever thought gamers would ever be top candidates for any career. But according to a recent study, video gamers make better drone pilots than people from other backgrounds. As a result, the military has recruited several players to teach their supercomputers how to manage drones’ swarms. Stick around for that story and more.

Drone Conferences: Are you a stakeholder in the drone industry looking to stay on top of new trends? Then this post is for you. It covers all the annual drone events and conferences in and out of the country. We also include a bunch of virtual conventions, so be sure to check out the drone conferences and events section.

Drone Technology: UAVs have come a long way in a surprisingly short time. Since the commercialization of these devices, the world has seen self-flying drones, fantastic picture quality, and plummeting prices. This blog covers the entire journey, from the first instance of UAVs to where the industry is at now.

Things every drone enthusiast should know: There’s more to drones than keeping it charged and learning how to fly it. You also need to register the device, know where to operate, and so many other things. The last thing you want is to pay a fine or serve jail time for messing around with a drone. To begin with, you are not allowed to fly near airports, for obvious reasons. Then there’s a ceiling height for civilian UAVs. Find out what this height is and more inside.

Top UAVs of 2020: Drones are not created equal. Some are designed for photography, while others can fight fires. And each category comes with a different price tag. There’s also ready-to-fly options, kit drones, and first-person view UAVs. So you might want to check out this list before pulling the trigger on that purchase.