The Impact of Drones in the Gaming Industry

It’s funny how drones’ popularity exploded in the last couple of years after being around for over a century. Maybe the technology came before its time, or the military wanted to keep it all to itself. Either way, the secret is finally out.

Here’s a deep dive into the impact of UAVs on gaming.

Drone Themed Casino Games are Popping Everywhere

The gaming industry thrives on capitalizing on new trends, and drones make an awesome theme. And developers have already created games around the drone stem. On top of that, casinos are offering massive bonuses to first-time players. Check out this Casino offer at Unibet to get a feel of this freebie concept.

The Rise of Drone Racing Leagues

Drone racing might be new, but it has an overwhelming response from speed enthusiasts. Here’s how it works. Pilots come to race drones in an obstacle course race that works like an RC racing league. Interested people sign up to compete, and the rest pay to watch.

Generally speaking, the losers leave the competition, and winners proceed to the next round. A team of talented videographers record the entire action, edit it, and then broadcast it to millions of raving fans.

The result?

Drone racing has created lucrative business opportunities and fun career for the most unusual crowd – video gamers. We must admit nobody saw that coming. Not even the drone makers.

Drone Competitions are Promoting Innovation

UAV racing is providing manufactures with much-needed data. This info is then used to find solutions and guide innovation. The best part? Older technology gets cheaper as the new flashy ones make it to the market.

For example, acquiring an entry-level drone will cost you less than $100. But you can go with a high-quality UAV that cost upwards of $2000. It all boils down to intended use, budget, and preference.

The Bottom Line

Drones have created a lucrative niche in the gaming industry. Essentially, that means more fun for the community and hefty profits for event hosts and drone makers. So it would be safe to say the drone industry will be a major economy booster in a few years. Talk about a win-win situation!